The Outdoor Types “Unwritten Christmas Card” and Extradition Order’s “Be a Ghost” get a lovely nod in this piece.

7. Be a Ghost

Extradition Order have written an ode to their native Warrington in Be a Ghost. They describe it as “A terrifying journey through the pubs of Warrington on Christmas Eve”. The band are currently preparing for the release of their second full-length release, a concept album focused on the Kennedy dynasty.

Their new song is being released as part of Christmas Joy In Full Measure, a collection of 12 original songs for Christmas.

Alastair says: “Mary and Will dropped a line over the summer and said they were putting a Christmas record together and wanted weird ideas and stories. I love catching up with folks at Christmas down the Blue Bell or the Lower Angel in Warrington, but for some it’s like pretending life hasn’t changed on the other 364 days of the year – hell, hasn’t changed since they were the awkward kid in the Sonic Youth tshirt in high school. I wanted to have fun with that idea that Christmas is like becoming a ghost of your own past.”

6. The Unwritten Christmas Card

Also on the same album, Liverpool band The Outdoor Types have penned The Unwritten Christmas Card. With their classic, ‘60s-influenced folk and psych rock mash-up with a dash of country, plus psych pop country-folk, they wrote about “The time to revisit old hurts and review your life over a pint or two”.

Luke says: “We did our first ever recordings in Liverpool, above a disused bed shop (that I believe was soon to be demolished) in 2006. It was called Cassette studios. They had a deal on – ‘Two songs recorded for £50’. I distinctly remember there was a giant dusty old Father Christmas in there, right outside the control room. It must have been left over from the glory days of the bed shop, from one of their festive promotions. We used these demos to kick the band off, and pretty soon the nice guys at Hand of Glory had released our first single. So it seems like some kind of cosmic synergy that now HOG are now releasing our Christmas song The Unwritten Christmas Card on this ace compilation. I can’t help feeling the big red man himself, in his dishevelled, forgotten, most probably long swept up in pile of rubble state, would crack a dusty plastic half-smile on our behalf.”