I’d read that the Beach Boys took the custom made tape delay responsible for the ‘do it again’ drum sound on the road with them but never heard the evidence until now.

It’s not unusual to hear treated drums these days, but this was 1969, and even fuzz pedals had only been around for five years or so, so these drums must have sounded like something from another planet!

*I make no apologies for starting the clip early enough to hear Mike Love’s onstage campery. I love Mike Love*

On a similar Beach Boys tech note- my jaw is pretty much on the floor after reading an interview with their engineer of the time- Stephen Desper where he recounted that the sped up sounding chipmunk voices on ‘She’s Going Bald’ were created using a an analogue tape pitch shifter- allowing him to create the effect of sped up voices, whilst keeping the speed the same.

And here’s  a link to an article on the device used by Wendy Carlos. What a mind blowing machine.



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