I wanted to write a post about music I had particularly got into over the last year, and I couldn’t really remember what I’d listened to when. I turned to the expert, my page.The stats there revealed the totally unsurprising truth that The Beach Boys are still my god and that The Association are my financial system (no, I’m not sure where I’m going with this metaphor either) but also helped show things which sprang from nowhere to the top of my chart.So I turn my attention to number 3 in my stats for 2010, the wonderful eccentric genius that is mr Kevin Ayers.

Greek Beat Girl Action´╗┐

One thing I truly love: That ‘LA Teen Movie circa 1966’ kept happening way into the seventies, but all round the world. Amazing scene from this early seventies Greek movie. Love the shiny Vox Phantom bass knockoff!

I hear a new world. Oct 23rd. Euston.

This Saturday at the always wonderful St Aloysius Social club, we at Hand Of Glory are delighted to present: The Doozer, Pete Um, The Lone Taxidermist, The Outdoor Types and Mary Epworth (special one off supergroup set!) and H.O.G. DJS.


Hello world!

This is the new Hand Of Glory records website. It’s probably going to be a bit shabby to begin with, but aren’t all the best things?