I’m a rather big fan of Jobriath, AKA Jobriath Boone, born Bruce Wayne Campbell.

A couple of times I’ve mentioned this to people who share 99% of the same taste in music as me, who are happy to evangelise about most pop music, glam, folk, psych, whatever, only to find that they think I am claiming to like him only to seem outrageous.

The other response is generally just a blank look.

Personally I think he’s criminally underrated. I don’t know if that’s an overhang from homophobia in the 70s, homophobia in the here and now, a fear of glam rock, or just the result of a hype-bubble so massive that the fallout obscured what  talents Jobriath really had.

I first saw this clip of Jobriath and his amazing backing band The Creatures on this clip from his 1974 appearance on Midnight Special.

His original choice of song “Take me I’m yours” was just a step too far for the producers due to its overtly sexual lyrical content. To me, his performance offers so much more than just glitter and showmanship.

Every time I watch this I’m filled with envy that I’m not in this band.

Sometime last year I got hold of a copy of the self-titled album he made as part of the band “Pidgeon”. I had a hunch I would like it, Jobriath plus sunshine pop sounded like my dream combination. My hunch was correct.

I love it all. It’s full of beautiful songs with baroque flourishes, it’s tender and sweet, and I find it awfully hard not to read lots of meaningful things into the lyrics.

This is the B-side of the single that Pigeon released after the album, supposedly there were some more tracks from these sessions. I wish this song was hugely famous. I can’t help but be greatly moved by it every time I hear it.

Killer lyrics to this one, listen in.

Bruce Wayne Campbell died of AIDS on 3 August 1983 aged just 36.

Acclaimed filmmaker Kieran Turner is busy making a film about Jobriath Boone and his life, featuring interviews with many of his friends and colleagues, and those who love his music now. Keep up with the project here Jobriath AD Facebook Page .







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