The Guardian – New Band Of The Day – Kiran Leonard “Kiran Leonard (No 1,520) He’s 17 and supremely, eclectically gifted – meet the Manc mutha of invention” Hometown: Dobcross, Oldham. The lineup: Kiran Leonard (vocals, instruments). The background: Kiran Leonard is a singer-songwriter from near Manchester, but another kid busker with a soulful voice he ain’t. Record companies searching for the next Ed Sheeran can probably […]

Mary Epworth at SXSW

Hand Of Glory are off to Austin TX tomorrow, with Mary Epworth, for SXSW. Mary’s show timings are below:  

Godley-Creme Gizmotron

Stumbled across this amazing bit of seventies techno today, the ‘Godley Creme Gizmotron’. Designed by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme towards the end of their time in 10cc, it’s pretty much a ‘hurdy gurdy’ add on for electric guitar, consisting of a series of spinning rubber wheels that bow each string. Here’s a news feature […]

Mary Kent- Lost Generation

          Discovered this mindmelting version of the Jimmy Webb song yesterday. What a killer arrangement! This has jumped straight to the top of my 45 wantslist. Anyone got a copy they’d part with?   Mary Kent – Lost Generation

The Tokens, Association and Turtles

Here at HOG, we’ve got a bit of a thing for albums made after a hit bands supposed peak. What we’ve come to term the ‘fuckit’ albums. The point where a band is still stretching out and growing, often artistically surpassing their earlier work, but has little hope of an audience of a size they […]


I’m a rather big fan of Jobriath, AKA Jobriath Boone, born Bruce Wayne Campbell. A couple of times I’ve mentioned this to people who share 99% of the same taste in music as me, who are happy to evangelise about most pop music, glam, folk, psych, whatever, only to find that they think I am […]

Downliners Sect EP Out Now!

Just back from posting the remaining tower of Downliners Sect – Brite Lights pre-orders, and it feels good. This is what you get… We’ve started to get some press in, Mojo and Shindig for starters. More on that soon! Those of you who haven’t bought it yet, click the photo above to take you direct […]

Free Joy

Here’s a rip of a record I found. I think it’s from Hong Kong, it’s a ten inch, and the only words on it in English are ‘Happy Birthday’. 3 of the 4 tracks are trad sounding- not really my bag, but the last is what I imagine is also a folk melody, but played […]