British Rock and Roll

There’s something really appealing to me about Rock and Roll as interpreted in Britain. The often slightly more ‘showbiz’ and big band aspects to the arrangements add a campy and delirious sense of fun that is quite different to the US originators. That said- Britain could and did rock with the best of them, despite […]

Beach Boys ‘Do it again’ drum sound live- technical wizardry I’d read that the Beach Boys took the custom made tape delay responsible for the ‘do it again’ drum sound on the road with them but never heard the evidence until now. It’s not unusual to hear treated drums these days, but this was 1969, and even fuzz pedals had only been around for […]

Downliners Sect EP Out Now!

Just back from posting the remaining tower of Downliners Sect – Brite Lights pre-orders, and it feels good. This is what you get… We’ve started to get some press in, Mojo and Shindig for starters. More on that soon! Those of you who haven’t bought it yet, click the photo above to take you direct […]

Free Joy

Here’s a rip of a record I found. I think it’s from Hong Kong, it’s a ten inch, and the only words on it in English are ‘Happy Birthday’. 3 of the 4 tracks are trad sounding- not really my bag, but the last is what I imagine is also a folk melody, but played […]

Paul Linklater- Virginia C

This track is from Paul Linklater’s ‘Smooth Sailing and How’, probably my favourite ‘underground’ release that deserves to go overground (well, at least as far overground as the BLOGOSPORE) of the last couple of years. Lo Fi tones and attitude are great and all, but when there’s a killer song poking through the murk, that’s […]